GoVeganGoVegan 12 Apr 2010 15:30

As announced by myself on my blog, there is now an easy way to show or hide content from specific users.

I've named it the Specific Users Only Include, or SUO for short. It's easy to use, and I encourage you to test it out!

An example of the SUO Include in action is right here:

[[include :snippets:suo BEGIN CODE |unique=first |type=showto |user1=james-kanjo |user2=michal-frackowiak]]
**Hello James Kanjo & Michał Frąckowiak!!!**
[[include :snippets:suo END CODE]]

[[include :snippets:suo BEGIN CODE |unique=second |type=hidefrom |user1=james-kanjo |user2=michal-frackowiak]]
**Hello Everybody Else!!!**
[[include :snippets:suo END CODE]]


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