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The NewPage module was updated on April 29th to include a new feature: Autosave. This has been a heavily-rated wish since the feedback site was created (it was the very first wish)!

attribute required allowed values default description
mode no edit,
edit "edit" takes you to an editor.
"save-and-refresh" saves the page and refresh current page.
"save-and-go" saves the page and goes to it (without editor) unless
goTo attribute is passed
goTo no valid page name none specifies which page to go to after automatically saving a page

An example of this in action:

To add a list like this in your own site, saving pages to the 'todo' category, use this code:

[[module NewPage button="Add something to the TODO list" category="todo" mode="save-and-refresh"]]

[[module ListPages category="todo" parent="." separate="no"]]

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