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Copied from the Syntax Changes journal:
2009-04-016 NextPage / PreviousPage Modules a new feature for ALL users: (ticket 253) available are now Modules

This features are now documented in http://www.wikidot.com/doc:nextpreviouspage-module and open for ALL users of wikidot.
Please - have a try!
I copy the text from Gabrys post:

Hi there,

NextPage and PreviousPage modules are ready for testing!

In the simplest form they link to the next/previous page in the category
when sorted by date (newer/older):

[[module NextPage]]
next page: %%linked_title%%

[[module PreviousPage]]
previous page: %%linked_title%%

(this should work quite well with autonumbering as well — as long as
you don't remove and then recreate pages in the middle of the category)

With by="title" pages are sorted by title! For example:

[[module PreviousPage by="title"]]
previous: %%linked_title%%

(great for dictionaries, when you want to link to the next word in it).

The syntax of the "inside" of module is the same as ListPages, so you
can for example use the %%preview%% to include the preview of page. Well
you all know the power of ListPages syntax, so no need for examples.

Once tested these modules will be documented.

Used in a blog footer you'll probably like something like this:

[[div style="overflow: hidden"]]

[[div style="overflow: hidden; float: left; clear: left"]]
[[module PreviousPage]]
Previous post: %%linked_title%%

[[div style="overflow: hidden; float: right"]]
[[module NextPage]]
Next post: %%linked_title%%


Looking forward to replies from You

Piotr Gabryjeluk
Wikidot.com developer

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