ErichSteinboeckErichSteinboeck 21 Mar 2009 21:42

Created a new, smarter List by Category system. Features some nice enhancements.

  • Combined listing by category and by creation date (through PageCalender module)
  • Quick-edit link icon view-source14x14.png (edit page without first rendering it)
  • Page viewing without following any redirect (uses noredirect/true)
  • Proven and tested sort (by page name, edit date, or creation date)
  • Minimum effort to add new categories: creating a new page category:category-name with title “List Pages by Category” and no content is enough (uses a clever method where page content can easily override live template defaults)


  • No documentation yet how the various parts (includes, live template, category:… pages) work together
  • Pages starting with underscore (like _template) aren't listed (a restriction of module ListPages)
  • [/page-name/noredirect/true page-title] will fail if page-title is blank (restriction of [/ …] tag)

Additional Shortcut

For several of the more common categories I've created pages named category:_ that redirect to category:category (the page that lists all pages of category category). It comes handy when you are looking for, say, a How-To and start typing …/howto: but then can't remember its name — you can just continue by typing an underscore (_) and …/howto:_ will list all How-To's

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