Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf 14 Feb 2009 18:15

I created a new Front Page for the community called "home:home1" page using a "live" _template with 10 "content" holders and some standard includes with layout def's and in a second level includes with header and content of the single blocks.
I got the idea from Phil ChettPhil Chett's blog about his thinking over a better "block" or "module" system for a "Front" page.

Please - have a look on the codes of our new "front" page and it's used home:_template !

Notice: I have inserted a blank before every include tag to stop the insertion of their content ! :)

in Action the Template:



I changed the permissions in the Site manager for the "home:" category only allowed to edit for admins.

I let the include: boxes editable for all members of the site…

To-Do: the re-parenting of all sub pages ( childs) from the old start page.

( I had not changed the old start page - we can always go back in the general settings.)

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