Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf 07 Apr 2009 15:44

The Multi File Uploader is working for Pro - Accounts!

If you have a pro- Account you can read Michals last Post to this old wish and new feature: ticket:7 (comment)

And for all other non-pro users I copy here the complete post from him:

Today we have successfully installed a new, improved uploader. Although it looks simple, it required really a lot of work, including server-side software upgrades, discovering and fixing many quirks and problems, cross-platform testing, changes to the page revision handing, notifications etc. — but I believe the uploader is much better than the previous version (which is still available) and still is flexible enough to be improved.

A few facts:

  • It is flash-based. HTML-only forms do not allow multi-file uploads in an easy way, progress tracking is also tricky.
    • Therefore Adobe Flash 9 or 10 is required.
  • There is progress-tracking for each of the files and error-detection.
  • It is aware of any size-limits on your site and informs you about them if e.g. files are too large before you start uploading.
  • We have tested the uploader with large number of small files and individual files up to 50 MB.
  • Reliability of the new uploader is far better than the previous one.
  • Multiple files can be selected in the File Dialog easily by pressing Shift or Ctrl (Cmd on Mac). You can also add files by clicking "Select files" again.
  • If Flash is not detected, the "old" uploader is available by default.

Open issues:

  • We have seen some problems with Linux Fefora 8 + Firefox 2 + Flash 9: the flash object did not render properly and produces connection error on uploading.
  • There is no drag&drop, a separate browser plugin would be required. A nice one is BrowserPlus, but we decided to use Flash-based solution because Flash is much more commonly used. We could however create a BrowserPlus variant of the uploader, this is (from what we learned some time ago) even more reliable, flexible and easy to implement.
  • File managing still needs improvement — uploading files is easy now, moving/deleting/renaming lags a bit.

The new uploader is available to Pro users and their sites at the moment, we will enable it for everyone else in a month. I hope it will help you better use your storage space!

Good luck!


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