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Quote from RobOstapiukRobOstapiuk: ListPages now supports the updated_at selector thanks to the fine folks at Wikidot implementing my wish:Add updated_at selector to ListPages module in what I think might be record time.

It's implemented:

// created_at
[[module ListPages created_at="older than 10 days"…
[[module ListPages created_at="last 10 days"…

// updated_at
[[module ListPages updated_at="older than 10 days"…
[[module ListPages updated_at="last 10 days"…

where possible arguments are:

  • "last n unit" or "older than n unit" where 'n' is a count (defaults to 1) and unit is "hours", "day", "week", or "month"

You can see a little testpage on my testsite: Listpages-Test6 (updated_at)

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