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The wikidot Handbook, was started by hartnellhartnell on 18 Jul 2007 :

"The wikidot handbook is our attempt to make the docs more user-friendly for the complete novice. We need everyone to help out with this one. The best way you can help is to ask a question. Once we answer it we will integrate the answer into the wikidot handbook. I'm currently going through the forum history for questions to answer."

But on 28 Jul 2007, Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf posted the following on the Forum's Coffee Table:

Handbook in german, francais, … ?
"I ask You, if we can introduce different name spaces on the handbook site ?
Like\de:administration or fr:administration ?
In other open source wikis there is the "manual" word used for such online manual.
I have no idea if handbook is easy to understand in other languages.
But this would help us to promote wikidot in other languages.
And we can translate some documentation pages ( like faq:…) into different languages on the handbook..\de: or fr: directly ( not with links )"

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