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( Is this engine and its community still alive? )

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Is wikidot still worth a shot in 2019?
( user Norman SeverskyNorman Seversky )
Hi everyone. Not that far away i was looking for a wiki tool to create and manage a small portal for our small game-addicted community. Inspired by neat and concise darksouls.wikidot.com, i ended up with wikidots. Unfortunately almost whole subdomains including wikidot.com itself take ages to respond. For this reason It's hard to edit pages, check and observe them. It's not my local problem as i experiencing the same from working machine and even my smartphone. I also somewhat concerned that developers blog is outdated (the last message is almost a year old) and i'm not sure if the community still alive and the whole project is still getting supported.
Could you guys please provide me with some insight of actual situation around wikidot. Is it worth starting a wiki here right now or it's better to look for another tool and wikidot best days are gone?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Is wikidot still worth a shot in 2019?
(ed-johnson does not match any existing user name )
I wish I could answer this question. I have been a member of Wikidot for almost 12 years now Although Wikidot was good enough to make me a "community admin" (I have some extra super-powers that help keep the spammers at bay), I have been pretty disgruntled the several years since the developer(s) have essentially disappeared and abandoned their user base. I still monitor things around here and offer some support but I have a hard time recommending Wikidot to anyone looking to start something new.

This was a great platform back in its heyday and had a ton of potential. The active core of community users are gone and only a few of us stragglers are still hanging around.

If you can put up with limited support that only comes from the community and zero chance of feature improvements or bug fixes, then go for it. Personally, I've opted for cheap hosting and Wordpress for a few sites I goof around with these days.

Re: Is wikidot still worth a shot in 2019?
(StoogeStooge )

I hate to say that. I've been here for years. My sites were some of (if not the) heaviest number of web hits here. I love the place, and it was great before, but the developers / owners have basically just walked away and abandoned it. Though, they certainly have no problem processing payments for services that are not rendered.

So, no. Seek something elsewhere.

Re: Is wikidot still worth a shot in 2019?**
( user rsrdamanrsrdaman )
Wikidot has always been a great starting grounds for people due to it's ease of use relative to other wiki styles, however like Ed said, there's been problems with the site itself. Search functions broke on a wiki I edit for ages and recently seem to be working alright now. I've been getting a lot of "The ajax request failed. code 500" errors recently when editing. The owners really have let the site go and it's a real shame. Hopefully they'll kick it back into gear at some point.

Re: Is wikidot still worth a shot in 2019?**
( user cold_blood3dcold_blood3d )
This is a difficult question. In many ways we are lucky that Wikidot didn't become (or get acquired by) a web giant. Far too many promising services went that route only to be shut down, have their functionality severely diminished, and end up as yet another black hole of dead links. If I used any other provider back in 2008, my sites would surely be long gone by now. Remember "Wetpaint" wiki-farm? It's now a celebrity gossip site. Wikidot has been running relatively reliably for 13 years and not destroyed itself or its users, which is something to be commended. Wikidot is underpinned by impressive technology. That said, in recent years it has fallen behind in terms of innovation and support, which has been deeply frustrating. It needs a push to be truly great. So many things would be possible "if only" some little feature worked or wasn't broken. It also hasn't kept up with the user-friendly interfaces that have become the norm. The choice really depends on your particular use-case and what you are trying to build.

Re: Is wikidot still worth a shot in 2019?**
( user kawinakawina )
I completely agree with @cold_blood3d. In my case, I'm thankful for Wikidot's stability and reliability, compared to services I've used in the past. For my needs, Wikidot has been doing just fine (except for the problems we had with search, contact forms, and notifications, which were solved after a while). I really hope the maintenance team will become more responsive. They've created a great service and fostered a wonderful community, and it would be a pity if all that went to waste. By the way, my site is a digital library and academic hub. My needs may not be as sophisticated of heavy duty, so it all depends on what you expect to accomplish.

Re: Is wikidot still worth a shot in 2019?**
( user Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf )

Till today I have not found a better place for "simple" wikis … it is so easy to maintain a wiki - for "minecraft" stories (images, videos a.s.o), or sport-club log book.. private family-notes and logs.
I had a look on some other platforms and it is not so easy to get the same (web-browser only needed) solutions!

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