Phil ChettPhil Chett 09 Aug 2008 22:33

For a little while there has been the ability to upload and display html pages within wikidot page.

File upload and display.

Upload a html file to your page, then i frame it.

eg i have a file uploaded to this page called task1nats.html
i then iframe it here.

frameborder="1" scrolling="yes" width="400" height="200"]]

because you can also upload js classes you can of course include Java script

here i have uploaded lake.class.
the html doc for it
and the image.
Iframe the html doc to give

it is important to note

  • That when testing to ensure that all is working ok the you have to clean out you browser cache.
  • The files you upload are recognised correctly. eg.. if you upload a html file it is recognised as such in the file manager.

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