gerdamigerdami 11 Nov 2008 18:48

The guestbook:, the blog: have been created a time the module ListPages and the "_template" did not exist.
The module Pages was used with a preview that let display an annoying "Back to the guestbook".
It is fixed, now.

Step1: ListPages

I replaced the module Pages by ListPages as shown below:

[[module NewPage category="Guestbook" button="Add an Entry to the GuestBook" template="template:guestbook"]]

[!---- [[module Pages category="Guestbook" order="dateCreatedDesc" preview="true"]]  ---]

[[module ListPages category="Guestbook" order="dateCreatedDesc" limit="99999"]]
++ %%linked_title%%
by %%author%% %%date|%O ago (%e %b %Y, %H:%M %Z)%%


Step 2: _template

I created guestbook:_template with the following content:

by %%author%% %%date|%O ago (%e %b %Y, %H:%M %Z)%%

**Back to the [[[Guestbook]]]**

Step 3: template:guestbook

I cleaned the original template:guestbook (used at page creation in category guestbook).
Currently, it is empty! But it is not a problem, we can keep it just like that.

Step 4: Cleaning of existing posts

The bad part of the work! But since there were not so many posts…
I removed the manual user signatures and the "Back to the Guestbook" sentence.

Step 5: Done

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