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Google acquires
A wiki was the missing piece of software in the Google Docs suite. is a wiki hosting project that allows Users to build web sites, collaboratively edit content and communicate.
Wikidot is owned by Wikidot Inc. and located in Poland.Wikidot Inc. is incorporated in Delaware, USA (Division of Corporations, file no. 4326793), registered and operating in Poland as Wikidot Inc. S.A. Oddział w Polsce (KRS: 0000294101), address: Pl. Św. Katarzyny 9, 87100 Toruń, Poland.

Last night, Google and Wikidot signed an draft agreement which foresees:

  • Wikidot Inc. shareholders will receive an undisclosed amount of Google shares
  • Wikidot services will be fully integrated in Google as of 1 August 2009, i.e. just 3 years after Wikidot's entry in service
  • Wikidot's founder, Michal Frackowiak, will become Chief Operation Officer (COO) of Google Polska
  • Wikidot will be fully integrated into the Google Docs suite as soon as possible
  • Wikidot services will be fully localized as from 1 January 2010
  • All Pro accounts will be converted into Pro+ accounts in the next few days
  • All free accounts will be converted into Pro Lite accounts
  • See current Subscription plans for more details

Eric Schmidt, Google Inc. and Michal Frackowiak, Wikidot Inc believe that both companies and their consumers will benefit from the deal.

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