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Today I cleaned up the glossary. I just upgraded the system to utilise Live Templates. But I'm not entirely satisfied, because the glossary page seems to display the page content including the content that the live template provides. This could be fixed using a ListPages module, but I had some issues (and really CBF doing anything else today). So please have a look and try to fix that.

In other news, I have created a new _start catalogue page. The original version was getting a bit dated and very unorganised. The new system in comparison is nicely automated and has a similar layout. I can understand that some people will find the colours a bit distasteful… just remember it is a wiki, so try changing things yourself to see what you like better.

The HowTos have been tagged with the following hidden tags:

  • _interface
  • _layout
  • _content
  • _content-advanced
  • _forum
  • _tool
  • _wikidot
  • _promote

Some HowTos, however, were old, outdated, or just plain not useful. So I tagged them with _archive, which prevents them from being displayed in the "uncategorised" box. These pages can be seen from the archive page. You may notice that the old HowTo list is tagged with _archive. This is because I don't want that page displayed in the "uncategorised" box either (and that is the only reason I tagged it with that).

If you see some HowTos that are old, outdated or not useful, please tag them with _archive, as I only did that for the blatantly obvious HowTos.

So, what's the verdict on the new HowTo catalogue?

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