Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf 27 Jan 2012 19:29

Hi Wikidotians!
A question about the missing "gallery" command for "external" images let me think about a possibility to simulate such gallery with external images.
Because I need it for my genealogy-template I did it with dataforms on an autonumbering category "image-ext" on our Community Playground
such a "Gallery" page like http://community-playground.wikidot.com/image-ext:2 has this look:
Gallery-ext_1.gifUnder the "Viewer" of the (current) image are inserted some (neccessary) documentation like source, author, date,. description a.s.o)
Above is the hammer scrollbar ( module:2) usd for previous and next navigation of the images..
And under the "Viewer"-image is the collection ( by Listpages) of the thumbnails of the urls of all pages in the category.:

Question: is the Listpages too long to load ?

Notice the used "image-ext:_template of the images!

I am not sure if someone else had the same idea before - could be i am too late for such solution and I have overseen it.

Please - try to add another (external) image with the add button to test this …

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