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The Free Admin-Forum on Community-Playground/ is build for copying into You site !
Feel free to use it - test it - and copy it into your site !
Test is here: http://community-playground.wikidot.com/admin-forum:start and if you want - you can start and test and write whatever you want in the "General-test" section:

  • Threads,
  • Tasks,
  • Sticky Threads,
  • Sub-task ,
    • subtaks to subtaks
      • subtaks to subtaks

Any comments are welcome here or on this admin-forum :)

Here is a short copy of the playground admin forum description:
After the question in a german wiki how to make a non-commented forum for admins only I copied some pages and categories for an own "admin" forum:
this is a "page"-based solution for people who wants to have an "admin-forum" inside their Wiki - only viewable & editable by admins - without any comments of the per page discussions (which would be viewable).
Thanks to the Forum-Template from pieterhpieterh and the team - build out of the Projects site.
And thanks to the nocomment forum of leigerleiger where I have learned that comments are not really neccessary…
This solution here is not (yet) a perfect one - I would like to chage the threads more to the nocomment forum layout…

To be honest - this solution is working with the "view and all other" -permissions checked out for specific "admin-.." categories, but this is not really 100% "secure and private"!. Some tricky members with a really very good wikidot knowledge can find a way to see and read the content of the amin-forum pages. But it is not easy and the trick is not written here.

Why an admin forum?

Often we got the question - "how can I make an admin forum for admins-only" - not viewable for all other visitors/memenrs. There are some discussions like design& layout setup , specific permission decisions which are not to be discussed in the standard open forum - viewable to all others.
On the community site we had taken the decision to use a parallel "private" site only for such an admin-forum. But with all problems of administration of membership ( the admins of the other , original site). Tthis is easy to insttall, maintain and use and needs only a link to it. But it costs a "private site" with limited membership for free accounts.

Why not on hidden foruum categories?

The standard forum has hidden categories ( like the deleted threads) - but you cannot stop visitors going back to the forum - hidden group and scroll throu the hidden Threads .

Why on pages?

The standard Forum is NOT included in any backup.zip file created out of the site manager ( for personal downloads) .
Means - if someone ( admin) deletes all the forum pages and categories - all is gone….

Why no comments on such admin-pages?

All "Per Page Discussions" ( = Comments) are stored om the standard forum - and therefore viewable again.

=> On this admin-forum solution all the per page discussions are switched off means"disabled" for the used "admin…" categories.

BUT: if you wish to use this forum for your own standard forum - than you can open the comments ( and allow it) in the "admin-thread:_template" where at the moment the module comments are out-commented ( :) )

How is it done with the "private" part?

All used "admin.." categories are in the permissions set to no one checked box - all is disallowed for them… only admins can use the pages
And for better service for unauthorized visitors - landing on such "admin.." category & page - there is the explaination on the specific "_public" pages - which says only - sorry, this admin pages are only allowed for admins.". or so..

Can i use a different nav:side menu ?

The "admin-nav:side" page ( with the joined "_public" page - see above) can be used to show a complete different nav-side menu for such "admin..: ." pages .
=> The setup is done in the Site Manager - Appearance - Navigation elelments

How can I make use of it now?

Transfer (= Copy the source, tags and parenting ) all the listed pages in the 4 categories:
"admin-forum" - the overview pages
"admin-section" - the sections of the forum ( like categories in the standard forum)
"admin-nav:side" - one page exta if used with a different layout for admins only..
"admin-threads" - the Thread - Pages - autonumbered in the site manager!
( from this threads you need not to copy all numbered threads - only the starting number - if you want 1-3 )

if you want you can make the (standard) "admin:" categorie private too - and create the neccessary "admin:_public" page for it.
( and can than include this page in all other "admin-…:_public" pages)

What setup is to be done in Site manager?

After the copy of the existing pages in these 4 categories you have to setup in the site manager following:

  1. Check off all "Permission"-boxes of these 4 categories in the site manager - this makies the categories non "_publilc"
  2. Set in the Forum - "Per Page discussions" - all 4 categories on "disabled" - this prevents from using the discuss button or comments module
  3. if using it - set in the Appearance - Navigations the "admin-nav:side" as the nav:side menu for all these used "admin.." categories.

Is it worth all this work?

I think - there is a section like "Design" - where the admins have to discuss & store the outcome of important discussions like

  • Forum groups and categories
  • Forum - Permissions for whom ( registered users, members, anonymous)
  • wiki structure
  • menues
  • Multilingual setup
  • Comments allowed - and how? - Discuss button using or module comments in Templates?

Big Benefits are

  • the "open tasks" - (Thread - tagged with "_task" ) with the "Open tasks" -list in the "admin-nav:side"
  • to "_close" Threads by tagging !
  • Sub-Threads ( nesting) into an endless level by pareting (ok, could be senseless)

Are there Cross Sites Includes?

Yes, there are some includes from "modules" site used.:
:modules:include:3 (in the section: and thread:_templates)

Where can I see it working?

In our playground site are these categories OPEN to view! (OTHERWISE YOU CANNOT COPY IT!)

Have a look on the Playground-admin-forum - and if you want - you can start and test and write whatever you want in the "General-test" section:

  • Threads,
  • Tasks,
  • Sticky Threads,
  • Sub-task ,
    • subtaks to subtaks
      • subtaks to subtaks


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