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Wikidot has given us a new feature — the HTML code block! This makes embedding code from other web services much easier than was previously possible.

To find out how to use this new feature, you can read the recently-updated Use html scripting How-To page right here on the Wikidot Community site!

Feel free to use the forums if you have any questions!


<h2>Custom HTML</h2>
<p>Something else</p>
<img src="http://community.wikidot.com/local--files/files/dataform.png" alt="hello ;-)"/>

test from private Site:

<h2>Custom HTML from private Site</h2>
<p> A Picture from a private site - if you are not a member of this site you will see (hopefully) only the "alt" text </p>
<img src="http://privat-archiv-support.wikidot.com/local--files/images/Card_snap0014.jpg" alt="Privat Site!  ;-)"/>

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