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Welcome to the HOT, SEXY, Embed Project.

This can only mean one thing :

  • Wikidot is enabling new embeddable services.

If you've wanted to be able to embed something deeply into your wikidot page, now's the time to get it.

  • Why?

Er… because you've wanted it and the wiki-king wants all your suggestions RIGHT NOW! The deadline for this project is 07 Jul 2008. Just a few days away. We better be gettin' busy. Uh-huh. Oh yeah. Huh huh. YEAH BABY YEAH!. (ahem)

How to Get Some Embed

There are three steps to this project, and hopefully, getting the embeddable service you've always wanted enabled on Wikidot.

1. Frisk Em

First, we need to frisk the forum and find embeddable services that have been desired by Wikidot members and post them here.

Please include a link to the main page of the embeddable service, some lurid details, and, if possible, a naked photo.1

If it's not on the forum, be daring. Just come out and say which embeddable service you desire the most.

Either way, you can tell the wiki-king what you really want by copying the 'template' below and including it in the 'Give It To Me Baby!' section below. BeLOW. Heh.

++ Embeddable Service Name Here

* [ link to the main page for the service]

+++ Description

Write what you can do with the embeddable service and how you would use it for
your most wicked desires.

+++ Code

Post an example of the code used to embed a the service here. Two or more
examples are great, but one is enough. Please do not use @@[[embed]]@@.

+++ Screenshot

[[image screenshot.jpg]]

If possible, please include a screenshot. If the service has a screenshot on it's
main page, just say so, that's good enough.

If you need a place to host the screenshot for free, you can use your own
personal wiki (create one!) or just use

2. Flirt, Talk Dirty

Comment on the embeddable services other people have posted (please use reply). This helps the wiki-king know which ones the most people want.

3. Pure Satisfaction

This monday, the project will come to a close and shortly after the best embeddable services will be enabled. Pure satisfaction.

4. Kids

Yeah, sometimes things like this result in children. The price of passion. The child of this project is : Son of the Hot Sexy Embed which will ensure that no good Embeddable service is left behind — ever again. Really.

Give It To Me Baby!

Post your desires HERE!!!!!here.

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