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User gerdami has been caught to be lacking the knowledge of Post Blocking in forum threads.

gerdami has been passing off as a "Wikidot Guru" for nearly three years now, pretending to be knowledgeable of both the Wiki Syntax AND the functionality of its forums.

That is, until ErichSteinboeck caught the fraud out in the act.

As quoted directly from the Wikidot community forums on July 24, gerdami unveiled the question that would ultimately become his downfall:

Is there a way to close a forum thread ? I.e. no more posts in a discussion but still readable.

But as gerdami has been so sneaky in convincing others of his Wikidot-operability, he fooled even Wikidot CEO pieterh. Due to gerdami's reputation, Pieter was led to believe that such a feature was non-existent; as shown when he replied that “it's something I've often wished for”.

If it wasn't for Erich's sharp-wit, we'd not have known the better of the falsified guru status. He knew right away that the feature in question was already in existence:

Sure you can.

In the thread, click on “more options” and then “posting block”.

Oups” is the first thing gerdami said after being confronted with this. He even admits that we should “downgrade [his] karma status from guru”.

With hope, will update its Karma algorithm to remove this fraud exploitation. In the meantime, gerdami has been stripped of his Wikidot Karma status and Pro account: karma_1.pnga16.pnggerdami

Click here to read more about this serious crime to the community.

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