gerdamigerdami 20 Dec 2008 18:46

I found that the Community blog had to be reshuffled to take into account the new features such as ListPages and live _template.
I took pieces from Squark (tagcloud landing on main blog page), Hartnell (tables, blogroll), tips from James Kanjo (include table to pass style arguments), etc.

You might find that the color scheme is not optimal or not as beautiful as Squark's blog and you are right. However the colors help the wikidot newbies to understand and visualize the tables, rows and cells involved. I used color names because #FFEEAA is meaningless for me.

All previous posts were edited (authors details suppressed except when message was posted on behalf someone else) and all includes were suppressed.

The template:blog is not not necessary. However, it might be useful to separate %%content{1}%% to be used as summary to be diplayed on homepage…

Well, there are a few glitches: (i) when there are no related posts, [[table]] … [[/table]] code appears, (ii) when [[code]] is used in the post, the right column is shifted to the right, out of the screen.
You are welcome to fix them.

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