Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf 16 May 2008 14:40

I just set up a Candidate for Deletion system to be included in articles on our community site that either have inappropriate content or are duplicating another page by giving the exact same information.

There is a backlog list of all of these candidates which you can find on the Candidate for Delete page. It uses ListPages to display pages in the deleted category.

To mark a page as a candidate for deletion (and show this message), all we need to do is to move the page to the deleted category, and then add this code to the top of the page:

[[include inc:candidate-for-delete
|reason=put the reason for deletion
|date=put the date when this notification is inserted into the page

The reason for this deletion warning is the creation of pages;

  • without any other pages in the category (e.g. accidentally typing hwto instead of howto)
  • spam, completely blank pages, or where people are using the community as a sandbox instead of the real sandbox
  • when people create a page but don't realise that the information exists somewhere on the community already (in that case, we'll post a link in the reason section of the include and they can merge the two pages)

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