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The Wikidot Community, in my opinion, is messy.

That is, there are pages which are old, or out-dated, pages that are in the wrong spots, pages lacking the new automated functions, and pages that are simply inconsistent with the layout.

This is mainly due to new features being introduced after these pages have been created. Take live templates, ListPages and the iftags modules for instance.

Today I decided to start sweeping away the community junk, and start re-organising, re-ordering and effectively giving the community it's first "spring cleaning", if you may.

Where did I start this? In the Bugs section.

The Bugs portal of the community site was using "Page-Rating" modules to display different pages from different categories. Namely, the fixed bugs were in the "fixed" category and the workarounds were in the "wround" category. With the advent of the ListPages module, we can sort these with tags in the same Bugs category. So I've given these pages the temporary tags "fixed" and "wround".

On each of these pages was code for things like PageRating, Comments, and the Bugs Infobox. This is tedious, and should be within a Live Template of the Bugs category. So I did that, and removed such code from each of the 27 pages.

Also, like the bug-tracker on Pro, I thought it best to give each bug it's own page-number to identify which bug-number it is. This helps us to better understand how many bugs have been reported. Also, should the coincidence happen that somebody names a new bug the same as an old one, no error will display.

Next project: the Wishlist… Only 49 wishes to reorganise!

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