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Some Wikidot guru's have build Appplications for Wikidot written in javascript, run time Java, Python or only in Wikidot syntax - and I started on our Community a summary collection of all (as I know) existing Applications for Wikidot:
Calendars Calendar in Wikidot! Easy to use and implement your own!
Chat Build your OWN CHAT-ROOM
Notebook at Wikidot Wikidot's prime notebook application, featuring sections, subsections, noteboxes, temporary reminders, and more.
Password Verification Server The one-way stop for creating a secure password input box for your site.
Polls You can create your own POLL
STE Wikidot Editor STE is a source code editor for your Wikidot website, with dedicated support for importing and exporting from Wikidot.com. Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Whiffle A Python package to hide the complexities of using the Wikidot XML-RPC API. Example scripts are provided for re-parenting pages and changing tags in large batches.
Wikidot jsAPI Library Wikidot jsAPI - Wikidot API Javascript Library and demos (example: re-tag tool)

and in "Beta": Edmund the Wikidot Explorer (with Mass-Edit)

If you believe there is your app missing - please et us know by adding a comment!
The Link to the "Overview page" is inserted (like the featured sites) in the top menu "News" and in the left menu under APP's for Wikidot.

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