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CSS Per Category — Including Inexisting Pages!

Posted by James KanjoJames Kanjo on 04 Feb 2012 08:18
Last edited on 04 Mar 2012 05:38

Something that's slightly annoying about Wikidot is that when it comes to creating new pages that previously didn't exist, the Live Template isn't taken into account. That is, if you use the CSS module in the Live Template, then that isn't applied to the page until after you save the page. All proceeding edits work fine, but the initial edit doesn't look how it's supposed to.

But of course, they don't call me a Wikidot Super-Guru for nothing! Read on to see how it's done properly.

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Gallery with external images

Posted by Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf on 27 Jan 2012 19:29
Last edited on 28 Jan 2012 08:41

Hi Wikidotians!
A question about the missing "gallery" command for "external" images let me think about a possibility to simulate such gallery with external images.
Because I need it for my genealogy-template I did it with dataforms on an autonumbering category "image-ext" on our Community Playground
such a "Gallery" page like has this look:

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Advanced Search!

Posted by tsangktsangk on 04 Dec 2011 10:02
Last edited on 20 Mar 2014 17:27

Hello Fellow Wikidotians,
Recently, I released the new Advanced Search CSI (cross-site include) - an easy to use extension to the current search module. This new include extends the current search module in a number of ways:

  • users are presented with a UI to set search filters for category, author and title
  • admins can set default values for each of these values
    • in addition, admins are also able to enforce these default values (thereby restricting search results to the designated default filters)
    • plus, admins may hide these filter fields from users to remove confusion
  • admins are able to set the label of the search button

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Russian Wikidot Handbook started!

Posted by Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf on 17 Sep 2011 11:52
Last edited on 17 Sep 2011 11:55

Welcome all Russian wikidotians!

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Applications for Wikidot available

Posted by Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf on 30 Jul 2011 14:01
Last edited on 30 Nov 2012 09:35

Some Wikidot guru's have build Appplications for Wikidot written in javascript, run time Java, Python or only in Wikidot syntax - and I started on our Community a summary collection of all (as I know) existing Applications for Wikidot:
Calendars Calendar in Wikidot! Easy to use and implement your own!
Chat Build your OWN CHAT-ROOM
Notebook at Wikidot Wikidot's prime notebook application, featuring sections, subsections, noteboxes, temporary reminders, and more.
Password Verification Server The one-way stop for creating a secure password input box for your site.
Polls You can create your own POLL
STE Wikidot Editor STE is a source code editor for your Wikidot website, with dedicated support for importing and exporting from Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Whiffle A Python package to hide the complexities of using the Wikidot XML-RPC API. Example scripts are provided for re-parenting pages and changing tags in large batches.
Wikidot jsAPI Library Wikidot jsAPI - Wikidot API Javascript Library and demos (example: re-tag tool)

and in "Beta": Edmund the Wikidot Explorer (with Mass-Edit)

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CSS Playground !

Posted by James KanjoJames Kanjo on 18 May 2011 14:12
Last edited on 18 May 2011 14:12

Thanks to this new experimental feature, user James Kanjo has launched a new site: CSS Playground, which is essentially a sandbox for CSS themes :-)

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New: Autosave function in module NewPage

Posted by Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf on 02 May 2011 06:31
Last edited on 05 May 2011 10:34

The NewPage module was updated on April 29th to include a new feature: Autosave. This has been a heavily-rated wish since the feedback site was created (it was the very first wish)!

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New: Set tags button (for update tags) available

Posted by Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf on 25 Mar 2011 11:43
Last edited on 19 Oct 2014 22:34

A syntax implementation makes it possible: We can use a new standalone [[button set-tags +_tag1 -_tag2 text="Change tags"]] to update tags of a page with predefined settings.. - Documentation is here: Button for tag update and some examples of usage now following :

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