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Your talent is artistic rather than artistic? Then why not create a banner for wikidottians to display on their wikis and elsewhere?

Every registered member of can create & display a banner that others can use to promote wikidot.

  1. use the box to create a new page in the "banners" category with a Descriptive Title for your image
  2. Upload your banner to your own wiki or to a image upload service like imageshack or photobucket
  3. Embed the banner by placing the url to your image in the pre-included image code on your new page


  • Feel free to build your banner in any layout you want.
  • Feel free to use tags as you want.
  • The discuss button is allowed and open to use!
  • Feel free to insert comments module (it is enabled for the category).
  • Make sure you keep a backup copy in case somebody deletes your submission by mistake.

When you are finished, your banner will appear in the list below. Now feel free to rate the banners you like the best. Higher rated banners will be listed higher.

Notice the difference to

  • the blog which are used for messages belonging to wikidot system itself or new inventions of the community.
  • the Featured sites which are created and rated from the community of the visitors.

User-created Wikidot Banners


by Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf on 01 Nov 2010 07:53
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