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What is this site about?
A Python package to hide the complexities of using the Wikidot XML-RPC API.
Example scripts are provided for re-parenting pages and changing tags in large batches.
Whiffle is a normal Python package and is held on the PyPI repository. It can be installed using *pip* or any other method of your choice

Founder(s): rurwinrurwin
Language(s): English
License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v3 or later
Wikidot features:

  • The link for the "Download of the Whiffle library"
  • an "Installation guide"
  • Predefined routines
  • addtag.py - Adds or removes tags from Wikidot pages
  • chparent.py - Changes the parent of a page

Tags: application batch parenting python tagging



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