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Posted by Timothy FosterTimothy Foster on 30 Jul 2011 17:20
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What is this site about?
This is a fully functional online notebook application for using pure Wikidot syntax. Based off of Microsoft's OneNote, this notebook allows you to:

  • Take notes and publish them online
  • Make certain pages private
  • Easily frame pictures into the notetaking
  • Create little side notes or emphasize certain areas of interest
  • Create subpages for any page
  • File notes via parenting
  • Tag pages for categorization
  • And put temporary urgent notes up on the sidebar for constant viewing.

Please take the time to read its small tutorial so you may enhance the usage of this notebook application.

Founder(s): Timothy FosterTimothy Foster, leigerleiger, James KanjoJames Kanjo, Ed JohnsonEd Johnson
Language(s): English
Wikidot features: Massive use of the ListPages module and parenting to organize all pages into sections and their respective subsections.

Tags: notebook notes organizer organizing reminders



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