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What is this site about? Hosts the Javascript API library (Wikidot jsAPI) which allows interaction with Wikidot's API through JavaScript. Example application: (re-tag tool )
Founder(s): tsangktsangk
Language(s): English
Wikidot features: uses Javascript to interact with the Wikidot API.
Prerequisit: you need an API key from Wikidot! Pro users can find their key in the Account Management > Settings. API access must be enabled for the site and you must have permission to perform actions on the site.

You can use:

_%%name%% — for a hidden name tag (without category)
%%name%% — for a normal name tag (without category)
_%%fullname%% — for a hidden full name tag (with category)
%%fullname%% — for a normal full name tag (with category)

This works (at the moment) very well in Google Chrome! … and the log output is showing:

Thanks Kenneth, this helps a lot!

Tags: api application javascript js re-tag tools



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